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June 2011 - The Cabana Cafe is now open.  They offer hot dogs, burgers, and several sandwiches among other items.  Our favorites are the chicken salad and homemade pimento cheese sandwiches.  Check them out if you don't want to drive to the store or a restaurant.  Also, the beach service offers 2 lounges and a beach umbrella for $20 a day.  PPVR is having movie nights at the large pool some evenings - check at the office for schedules.  Carillon Beach also has Groovin on the Green free concerts during the summer season - check at Downtown Carillon for their schedule.  Come on down and enjoy all the summer activities.


5/6/11 Only July 21 & 22, then July 30,31 & Aug 1 left till mid-August.  Once guests visit Pinnacle Port, they don't want to stay anywhere else in Panama City Beach (unless they like the busy, busy Thomas Drive stay).  For couples and families looking for a great place to stay where you can park outside your door, feel safe and secure, and enjoy great amenities (directly on the beach - if you were any closer, you'd be in the water), great pools and picnic area, tennis, etc., with 2 grocery stores, CVS, restaurants, and a spa just outside the gate and only 10 minutes from Pier Park (see info in things to do tab), you won't find a better place in Panama City Beach.  Enough said . . . 

3/24/11 Pinnacle Port's Beach service is now offering guests 2 lounges and an umbrella for a week (6 days) for $100 or 1 day for $20.  Prices are same we paid in 2004; can't beat those prices.  If you have not been to Pinnacle Port recently, you won't believe how great it looks now.  Beautiful landscaping, new boat slips for dock, and area near picnic pavilion revamped.  Come see for yourself; you're gonna love it. 


3/09/11 Spring Break has already started along Thomas Drive where traffic can be gridlocked at times.  Stay at Pinnacle Port and enjoy a family atmosphere without the gridlock and still be 10 minutes from Pier Park. 

Check out our new blog at pinnacleportfan on blogspot.  It has a lot of the same information and pictures but it is pretty cool.


August -Another drowning at PCB yesterday with red flags flying.  The water was very rough and most people should have known to stay out of the water when it is that rough.  Some people just never learn. 


July 30 - Pier Park has a fireworks show every Saturday through Labor Day - walk out on the beach and watch them from Pinnacle Port if you don't want to get in the traffic.  Tonight they are also having belly dancing so it may be worth the 10 minute drive.  Panama City Beach is really doing a great job of entertaining the people who have not abandoned the Gulf thinking there is oil (which there is not).  Thanks to everyone who comes or plans to come; the rest of you don't know what you're missing.

July 27 - oil over 100 miles away - beaches are georgous and weather hot - no algae now just clear green lovely water.  Come on down or regret it later; you don't know what you're missing.

July 15 - Bay County started trucking in sand to fill in Phillips Inlet again to protect Lake Powell from oil - if it comes.  The Inlet had been filled in but had to be opened because of rains from the 2 tropical storms that affected the Texas/Mexico border.  Too much rain causes Lake Powell to overflow its banks and the Inlet has to be opened so the area does not flood.  Still no oil or tar balls on our beach.

If you want to know what the locals are saying about the beaches, you will love - Like them on Facebook for a daily fix of posts by locals, people looking for lodging, coming to the beach, searching for the best restaurants and even those spreading true or untrue rumors.   

Check out Pinnacle Port's webcam at:  It is nice to be able to see how the beach looks from the tower building. 

June 19 - News Herald report tarballs found behind Carillon Beach/Pinnacle Port last evening.  GM at Pinnacle Port reports small tar balls (nickel and dime sized) found - all could be held in your closed hand.  They were cleaned up and GM reports no more found this morning.  They are encouraging guests to come on down.  Beach patrol, property patrol and management keeping check on beach and Coast Guard is monitoring from oceanside.


June 17 - rumors of tarballs being found in PCBeach but does webcast from beach each day and he says he has not found any so far.  He also went to Pensacola Beach today and said even though there have been rumors of oil there for a couple of weeks now, only 1% of their beach is affected.  Let's hope and pray that only 1% of our beaches are affected.  Check out for live streams at 8:30 AM CST daily.


June 11 - you could not ask for a better day at Pinnacle Port at the beach.  Lots of families enjoying the pools and the beach.  Sailboats and speed boats passing by.  What a blessing to be at the beach on such a beautiful day.

June 10 update: seaweed is drifting in and scaring people; no one has been scared of seaweed since God created dirt but some are now.  From Bay County, no immediate threat of oil - could see tar balls or sheen but don't expect much if any. Beach is monitored for both constantly and any found will be cleaned up immediately. No oily birds or sea life here. No confirmed tar balls or sheen.  Beach will not be closed for tar balls or sheen; 900 people ready to go to work to keep oil from reaching beaches.  If necessary a 9ft wide by 3ft high berm will be constructed and in place within 24 hrs if oil is headed our way.  Don't miss out on a great vacation because of the media; check with the locals to see what the true condition of the beach is.

June 9 update:  no oil on beaches in Panama City Beach.  The Tourism and Development Council yesterday said "no confirmed tar balls" in Bay County.  Any sheen that comes ashore should be so diluted it should not be a problem.  They don't expect much if anything at PCB. yesterday (6/3/10)indicated that it could still take 3 to 6 weeks for oil to reach our beaches - check out their webpage for daily updates.


The snack bar at Pinnacle Port has great sandwiches and snacks; check to see when they're open; the homemade pimento cheese is excellent.

Groovin on the Green on Monday nights at Carillon Beach is officially here for the season.  Nice free concerts within walking distance.

Another drowning at Panama City Beach on Saturday April 17, 2010.  A 36-year old Alabama man drown Saturday while saving someone else.  Double red flags were flying but people just don't get the message how dangerous the seas are.  Most of the drownings are not the people who tempted fate by going into the water but people trying to save them.

Word is out that today, March 31, Jimmy Buffett was at Margarittaville in Pier Park.  He has a habit of just showing up when no one knows he is coming.  He really picked a good time since Pier Park is already covered up with Spring Breakers. 

The snack bar at Pinnacle Port is now open on weekends and some other days getting ready for the busy summer season.  We heard the hamburgers are quite tasty.  Try them out and let us know what you think.  The people who are running the snack bar also run the Laguna Beach Grill.

If you travel Hwy 231 (AL & FL), Hwy 431 (AL) and Hwy 98 (Panama City Beach), be forewarned that there are unmarked SUV police cars stopping lots more cars than you can imagine.  Don't let a speeding ticket ruin a great vacation.

Pinnacle Port/ Carillon Beach is now on track to have their beach renourished by the COE.  Since the work will start at the Ramsgate end, it is anticipated that it will be September or later before they get to Pinnacle Port so it should not affect the summer season. 

February 5 weekend is the Mardi Gras celebration at Pier Park.  The celebration includes a Mardi Gras parade, street party(Feb 6 5PM - midnight), live bands, Cajun food, Krewe Royalty, Fireworks and much more.  In the area, be sure to head to Pier Park for Mardi Gras as the Beach.

If you were not here for the 2nd annual New Year's celebration at Pier Park in Panama City Beach, you missed a great party.  At 8:30 PM, 7,000 beach balls were dropped on thousands who packed Pier Park Drive and the first round of fireworks kicked off.  Giveaways included items such as T-shirts, giant inflatable planes, hats and toys and airline tickets.  Several bands played throughout the evening including headliner Vertical Horizon (best known for "He's everything you want."

At midnight, an 800-pound beach ball was dropped near the main stage with a second round of fireworks over the fabulous Gulf of Mexico. One of the many emcees summed up the evening's events by saying:  "Boy, we sure know how to throw a party."


The Carousel ride at Pier Park had a record night at the New Year's Ball Drop.

In March 2010 a smaller version of Panama City Beach's Miracle Strip will be reborn at Pier Park.  The theme is:  simple rides, simple games, and simple fun.  Some of the reborn rides from the old Miracle Strip will include:  Carousel, Ferris Wheel, Balloon Ride and the Red Baron Ride.

Stay tuned for further developments.


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